MySQL INNER JOIN on Multiple Parameters and Condtions

Wow. This blog has gotten a bit lopsided as of late on the MySQL side of stuff. A symptom of all the MySQL wizardry I’ve been doing and learning at my new job. I found out today that you can add multiple parameters/conditions to an INNER JOIN statement and I feel kind of dumb for not knowing this before. Using multiple parameters on your inner join you can remove the need for nasty sub queries!

Take this query for instance:

On a production server this query is sadly executing in 0.1 seconds. This is due almost entirely to that nasty little sub select in there. In my opinion, sub selects should be avoided at all cost. They are a symptom of at best an unoptimized query and at a worst a poorly designed database. Sometimes I’m a guilty party. Our goal is to get rid of the sub query:

We can do this by specifying multiple parameters and conditions on our join statement.

Notice that when joining on wp_postmeta I specify that I want all records matching wp_posts.ID and that match the meta_key views. By moving away from the sub select I was able to trim the query execution time to 0.03 seconds. Thats a massive improvement especially for a query that is run in bulk!

I’ve got a feeling I’ll need to go back through some of my older code and introduce some needed query optimizations. How about you?

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