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I really do enjoy optimizing applications. Up until this project most of my experience was in MySQL and PHP optimizations so optimizing a client side application written in JavaScript is a new challengeĀ for me. The product I am blogging about contains a custom work order entry screen which utilizes the JQuery library extensively. It does […]

A question I get asked a lot is “What is the best way to check for expired sessions in an Ajax application”. A lot of developers end up polling the server every few minutes to validate the users session is still a live. This is a messy approach that has a low probability of actually […]

Davis.jsĀ is a library that allows you to use your back button in single-page ajax driven applications. It essentially binds events to all anchor tags on the page and intercepts them before the browser does its native execution. Davis then looks in its routes table and if that href exists in its table then Davis adds […]

If you’ve ever built a large JavaScript application in any of the popular libraries out there like jQuery or MooTools you quickly find yourself including a lot of different libraries. In a recent jQuery based application our team was using additional libraries like dataTables and MultiSelect. We also knew that we’d be using even more […]

HI I’m Chris and I’ve been living under a rock because I just barely learned about using the console.profile() function in conjunction with FireBug. Better late than never. I was trying to figure out why appending data to an HTML table with jQuery was so damn time consuming. A quick google search yielded the awesome […]