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I had an interesting concept for a business that required running multiple sites from within the same vertical. I also wanted the ability for the core backend to span into other verticals. To do this I needed a highly scaleable and flexible core. The premise was the core code would just serve as light-weight CRM, […]

I recently¬†had the opportunity to work with Sabre’s Global Distribution System¬†SOAP web service. The Sabre GDS powers everything from hotel bookings, to flights and cruises. Most hotels and airlines add inventory into Sabre allowing booking agencies and travel websites to display this data to customers and book travel plans through the GDS. Sabre is old […]

Learn how to use the Cake 3 Form Helpers template system to work with bootstrap and other front-end frameworks

Cake 3 Forms and CSRF Security Component. How to avoid he request has been black-holed error.

Learn how to sort on associated models using the CakePHP 3 Paginator Component.