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Understanding vendors, packagist, and composer in CakePHP 3 applications

Full disclosure I’m new to PostgreSQL and CakePHP 3. The later of which is still in beta. I’m looking to learn some new stuff and that I have. For last hour or so, I’ve been trying to determine why I can’t get CakePHP 3 authentication to work with a dead simple schema and setup.

How to insert multiple database rows with CakePHP 3 effeciently and get inserted row count.

After enabling SQL query logging to Chrome Console¬†I began noticing that queries against the ARO table appear running at 300 milliseconds or higher. This is data that doesn’t change often and is needed on every request so its a great candidate for caching. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any mechanism for caching DbAcl checks. Here is […]

PHP errors can be a obnoxious when you’re developing an XHR heavy application with lots of JSON responses. The errors just aren’t very readable. So today I finally decided to ¬†implement ChromeLogger in our application here at work. This is one thing I’ve always missed since moving away from FireFox and its excellent plugin FirePHP.