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I have a lot of gripes in life. Most of them relate to driving. Thankfully as a mostly work from home developer I only need to drive into the office once a week. During that drive to Park City I consistently contend with slow drivers in the passing lane, which annoys me almost as much as […]

It’s over 3 weeks into 2014 and most of you have failed at your new years resolutions. It’s okay so have I. My resolution was to make and accomplish at least 1 goal a week, thats 52 resolutions! My first goal was to setup a tor relay. Which seems easy enough. I use Linux exclusively […]

I remember when I first learned how to ride a bike. I was eager to ditch the training wheels and hit the road (okay sidewalk). So one day we removed the training wheels and my Mom held onto my bicycle seat as I got my balance right. I slowly moved forward, picking up speed, and […]

So Netflix has the worst search capability ever. I can’t even adequately search for a genre such as “history channel” without returning results like Cars Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales and Charge. Seriously, that’s one of the top results. So I decided to see if they have an API so I can write my own program […]

Been having fun since Friday dealing with a compromised server. Somehow an infiltrator loaded two files onto the server in question. One in an OS Commerce directory (very out of date installation) and the other into the root of a Word Press 2.9 install. The malicious code would then phone home to a recently registered domains […]