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I had a domain that generates me about a grand each month get spanked badly by Google due to the work of an outsourced SEO. Luckily Google released a tool to disavow bad links. I suggest reading Googles blog post on the matter at to ensure you are using the tool properly and know when to […]

Setting up AB Tests using Google Analytics is a simple and free alternative to incredibly expensive solutions like Omniture AB Testing. I had actually used Omniture Test and Target with a company I had previously worked with. The results the Omnitures solution gave were very suspect when compared to our own internal tracking stored in […]

How to on using Google Analytics to find errors in your site. Read this blog to learn how custom reports can help you debug your website.

Using LAMP to create a dynamic content system in MySQL, PHP, and Apache. Learn how to build SEO friendly URLs based on dynamic database driven content

This is the first installment of my SEO category. I’ve dabbled in SEO here and there every since I ran a semi-successful (but not successful enough) music site through 2006-2008. The site actually ranked highly for a few good SERPs and received over 10,000 unique visits per month. Though the site is a shell of […]