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I had an interesting problem recently that required I re-order some DOM elements without doing a remove and replace. The existing implementation had a bug involving some filtering based on html attributes and I wanted to avoid rewriting some legacy code. Typically you would do something like this:

The problem is you are replacing […]

I really do enjoy optimizing applications. Up until this project most of my experience was in MySQL and PHP optimizations so optimizing a client side application written in JavaScript is a new challenge¬†for me. The product I am blogging about contains a custom work order entry screen which utilizes the JQuery library extensively. It does […]

I recently was tasked with a rather complex project involving scraping hundreds of thousands HTML documents. Normally scraping is quite easy. I have a lot of experience with it and just use the wonderful Simple HTML DOM library . Simple HTML DOM has some issues though. It chokes on large HTML documents. And when running […]