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On break the other day I had a thought: “Why not log all activity in our web application with Google Analytics”. These coffee-break thoughts are quite common for me and sometimes they turn out to be more than caffeine-fueled delusion. ┬áNow this is a b2b application and you generally wouldn’t think about such a thing […]

Setting up AB Tests using Google Analytics is a simple and free alternative to incredibly expensive solutions like Omniture AB Testing. I had actually used Omniture Test and Target with a company I had previously worked with. The results the Omnitures solution gave were very suspect when compared to our own internal tracking stored in […]

How to on using Google Analytics to find errors in your site. Read this blog to learn how custom reports can help you debug your website.

Nice post over at epikone.com on filtering out dynamic ip addresses from google analytics: http://www.epikone.com/blog/2009/04/16/count-me-out-gajs-version/