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On break the other day I had a thought: “Why not log all activity in our web application with Google Analytics”. These coffee-break thoughts are quite common for me and sometimes they turn out to be more than caffeine-fueled delusion.  Now this is a b2b application and you generally wouldn’t think about such a thing […]

HI I’m Chris and I’ve been living under a rock because I just barely learned about using the console.profile() function in conjunction with FireBug. Better late than never. I was trying to figure out why appending data to an HTML table with jQuery was so damn time consuming. A quick google search yielded the awesome […]

Been having fun since Friday dealing with a compromised server. Somehow an infiltrator loaded two files onto the server in question. One in an OS Commerce directory (very out of date installation) and the other into the root of a Word Press 2.9 install. The malicious code would then phone home to a recently registered domains […]

In this article I gave a brief intro to using JSON to pass JavaScript arrays to PHP via Ajax. I’ve done a bit more with json since then and with the help of a co-worker discovered how to get javascript objects working together with php utilizing json. Passing Multiple JavaScript objects to PHP JavaScript class: […]